Friends Forever!

Now what did the fox say to the cat???

NOTE: On the four occasions I’ve seen these ‘pals’ I’ve never had a ‘proper’ camera on me so I took the 3yr old picture with an old phone camera (by the time I grab a DSLR from home they’ve gone on their ‘stroll’). I have not seen the ‘friendly’ fox for a couple of years I wonder if he is still around!

Click on the pic to ‘enlarge’ it.


4 Responses to “Friends Forever!”

  1. SplittingIssues Says:

    Beautiful VB, you don’t see this everyday, captured so…the words escape me…well?


    • VillageBoi Says:

      Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. ‘Scruffy’ the cat is still around, I see him almost everyday!

  2. ally Says:

    So nice! Good work, bb.

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