November 7, 2013


Oh no, not another ‘selfie’.


BFI-London Film Festival

October 21, 2013

BFI-London Film Festival

With Biyi Bandele – the first time feature director at the screening of his film ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ an adaptation of the same-named novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


August 29, 2013


Nothing to say… I just liked it. It must have taken ages to make.

Smart Alec…

August 4, 2013


… You really didn’t take daylight saving into consideration when you invented this… duh! The time is ten-past-five not ten-past-four 😉

Life can be…

August 4, 2013



…eerrrmmmm TWISTED. What else could I say after the cemetary post?


August 4, 2013

Never have I come across a more depressing cemetary in my life. I went to Roundwood Park and saw this from the top of a small hill. Upon further inspection there were three cemetaries – this middle one, seemingly, has no entrance and has been sealed off. A large number of the graves were broken and buckled. We did look for an entrance and then we stumbled upon a hole cut in the fence that had been sealed with barbed-wire and then forcefully ripped open AGAIN!

Oh, the other two cemetaries on either side were ‘pretty’ (if I can use that word), looked after, mown green grass, fresh flowers and so on.

Does anyone know anything about this ‘weird’ cemetary? Many of the graves had what I’m guessing are ‘Hebrew’ inscriptions on them .  Of course the conversation was naturally morbid… “I see dead people… have escaped”, “This looks like a prison for dead people.”, “I’m a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ but I bet even they would be too scared to film in here.”

At the start we thought it had been closed down during or after World War 2, then we realised the 1889 date on one of the graves was actually 1989. So of course we thought “Which people living now would allow their loved ones to be buried here?”

Sorry I only had my phone on me… might revisit with a better camera.


Why not?

July 27, 2013

Why not?

Afterall it has been an epic beauty of a summer!

I bet she kicks…

June 9, 2013


…Far better than England’s Under 21 Team. They just lost to Norway… duh!!

Station Building

May 28, 2013



The Underground. A Choo-choo here and a choo-choo there!


July 28, 2012

Ok not my sister but one of her Kimono designs!!